Why You Should Write Press Releases

publicrelationsimageBecome part of the news by writing a press release. In short, a press release is an announcement to the media. The objective is to secure positive press for a business. The reasons to send out press release include announcing a new business, employee, event, program, or activity. Press releases are a big part of good public relations.

Newsworthy Information
For instance, the media may publish a brief item about a new staff member joining a local real estate agency. There newspaper may feature an article about a community event that is sponsored by a local business. Some companies partner together to provide a service to the community in hopes that it gets press. Still others may donate to a charitable organization Whether it is traditional print media or online websites, all of these examples are ways that a business can raise its public profile and improve its public relations efforts.

Email vs. Direct Mail
Most companies will email press releases, but if you mail out a press release through the post office, you can also include your real estate business cards, real estate postcards, and magnetic calendars. This is what’s known as a press kit, and it may get more attention than an email that gets quickly deleted.

Media Attention
Your goal is to get attention from the media and from the public. While some people refer to public relations as “free advertising,” it is really a way to build a good reputation with potential customers and get its products, services and features covered by the media.

Follow the guidelines below to increase your chances of getting media attention:

  • Press releases should be one page to two pages and properly formatted
  • Stick to the four W’s—who, what, when, where, why
  • Make sure the information is timely, informative and relevant
  • Send out press releases a week in advance of event
  • Proofread and check for accuracy
  • Follow up with media contacts to help media coverage
  • Self-promote on Facebook, twitter and Linkedin

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