5 Real Estate Video Ideas To Turn Renters into Buyers

Videos to Turn Renters into BuyersBlend Print and Digital Marketing

If you want to leverage your real estate print marketing, encourage people to visit your website, provide excellent customer service AND reap fantastic SEO benefits… a video how-to series may be just what you need!

It’s easy to get set up to do video. See our blog on video house tours for more information. Once you have practiced and feel comfortable both behind and in front of the camera, it’s time to create your first series!

Tip: Keep each installment short, upbeat and informative. No single segment should be more than 3-5 minutes.

Renter to Buyer Video Series

Create a video series of helpful information for those people currently renting who would like to consider buying a home. This will open up a line of communication with these potential new clients and will help build your base in young clients who will need your services many times in years to come. They will also share your information with their family and friends. It’s a great way to grow or expand your real estate practice.

Consider a multi-part series on topics such as:

  1. Financial Realities of Buying a House – Financial advantage and disadvantages of home ownership. Show a 5 year break down of monthly cost for both sides with the current uber-low interest rates.
  2. Getting Credit Ready – Offer a list of steps to take now to check, correct and repair any credit issues (including lack of credit). Offer links to get a free annual credit report and encourage them to do that EVERY year.
  3. Common Mistakes of First Time Buyers – What they are and how to avoid them, the importance of finding a good agent to navigate the search and the sale, how to tell the difference between a cosmetic defect and a more serious problem.
  4. How to Select the Right House – Help renters determine the right location for your lifestyle now and in the future – including how to select the best option for a return on investment later.
  5. The Freedoms of Home Ownership – Talk about the things you can do in a house you can’t do in a rental unit – from having exotic pets, taking in a renter, and painting the wall any color you like to changing the layout of the house and planting a garden out back.

The idea is to educate, introduce yourself to a new client base, and to show your experience and knowledge to these would-be buyers. You also have a great reason to send out a “renter” postcard campaign to announce the videos and a fantastic way to entice them to visit your website to learn more. Consider using a QR code that links directly to the series.

If you want to “touch” this mailing list more often, consider adding a video once a month and sending out a postcard announcing the new topic! You don’t have to stop at five… we just wanted to give you some ideas to get started. You may want to conclude the series with a final video that includes a slide show of 5 or 10 listings you currently have that would be perfect for the renter-to-owner single or young couple.

Blending the tangible, tactile advantages of print marketing with the technology of online video will improve your response rate and up your website visits and personal contacts. It’s a great way to boost your marketing and gain a little much deserved recognition!

Want help selecting the best postcards to announce your new video series, BestPrintBuy can help you create the perfect renter-to-buyer postcard campaign in a matter of minutes.